Uncategorized March 1, 2016 Luke Grimstrup

Why we created enform.io

All of us at enform.io have held product leadership roles in SaaS companies. Although we come from different backgrounds, products, and companies we quickly realized that many of our “unique” experiences and challenges were, in fact, not very unique. It was through an enthusiastic discussion on the subject of user adoption that the concept of enform.io was created.


As with many SaaS products, our collective customer trial periods relied heavily on self-service, which generally yielded low, single-digit conversion rates. (This is especially true since none of us believed requiring credit cards for a free trial was a good idea) As we discussed our individual experiences with onboarding approaches it became clear that customers who were introduced to products properly and guided throughout the trial process were much more likely to convert to paying subscribers, increasing the conversion rates exponentially.

However, there was a problem. It was obvious the best solution involved personally walking customers through the initial trial experience, helping to get them set up for success, and then being available to personally answer questions throughout the trial.

Unfortunately, this approach wasn’t scalable due to the huge time requirements. In fact, we concluded that the “best” approach drove up the cost per customer acquisition to prohibitive levels.

We really wanted to find a way to deliver effective, customized onboarding experiences for all SaaS products at scale. Unfortunately every solution we could find, including building our own, required significant resources from each product’s development team.

Customer Acquisition vs. Retention

As product managers with stakeholders on both sides of the acquisition and retention fence it had always been a source of frustration balancing delivery of new features and improvements vs. making the necessary changes in-product to improve user adoption. We often found ourselves at a crossroads faced with a difficult decision:

Did it make more sense to focus on…

Building out in-product onboarding experiences in order to convert a higher percentage of trial users?


Getting the latest and greatest new features implemented and delivered to market?

If we decided to focus on improving the onboarding experience how much bandwidth would be needed in the future to keep it up to date? Would edits and updates be confined to the the existing development release cycle? (They always were for us).

It wasn’t immediately clear which action would ultimately yield better financial results? Of course this varies from organization to organization but for us it seemed like a bit of a tie. In fact, to grow in the manner we wanted to we ultimately needed both! But how?

Our inspiration for enform.io

What if we could develop a solution dedicated to helping product managers and product marketing managers quickly and easily create & publish elegant, informative, and effective customer onboarding experiences for any platform? Even better, what if we could remove the need for development resources from the equation?

At enform.io we believe you shouldn’t have to decide between making your product better and increasing customer adoption.

Join us!

If this all sounds too good to be true then we encourage you to join us in our journey and see how your company and products can benefit from enform.io by signing up for our beta.

Enform.io: Turn first time users into lifetime customers.

We’re a SaaS platform designed from the ground-up to help product managers and product marketers create informative and engaging first-time user experiences in minutes with zero development resources and zero learning curve.

Seasoned Product Manager and while balancing a day-job and looking after a young boy, is passionate about creating a product to help fellow product managers and product marketers create amazing first-time user experiences.