Product Updates June 1, 2016 Luke Grimstrup

Product Update – June 2016

The past couple of months have had us heads down looking at new ways we can help product managers and product marketers quickly and easily improve the first time user experience for their respective products. As a result of our collective efforts we are pleased to announce some cool new features you’re sure to find valuable as follows:

  • Product Intro Generator
  • Docked Messages
  • Making Campaigns more relevant
  • Enhanced Content Options

Product Intro Generator


Having helped a few products out already, we have witnessed first-hand how a first impression can make or break a product’s ability to engage and ultimately convert trial users. In fact, there are tons of great products out there that should be performing well in market but are hindered due to lack of an effective, initial drop-in experience. Without proper reinforcement and context, users are often left to their own devices to configure the product and may even be unable to realize the benefit(s) promised from all of your great marketing material that brought them there in the first place.

Our job is to help make sure that bad things never happen to good products, so in the spirit of giving we’ve created a simple web-based wizard that can augment or replace your existing onboarding experience with a quick and informative product intro that effectively re-states the value proposition to users and guides them through the key features of your product. Your creation is available immediately to preview and can be integrated into your own product in minutes. We’ll even provide personal assistance to help you further customize your product intro for maximum effect.

Docked Messages



The product intro generator’s live preview mode showcases our new docked message option. Message Templates now have two additional position attributes available: Docked Left to dock the message to left of the window, Docked Right to dock the message to the right of the window.

Customizing the appearance of the widget



In addition to Docked Messages, you can also now customize the appearance of your Message Templates. We now allow users to change a wide variety of fonts, colors and sizes. You can now edit the following attributes:

  • Heading Font, Size, Color
  • Body Font, Size, Color
  • Button Text Color, Fill Color and Border Color

Campaigns and Messages



Campaigns and Messages are now more tightly coupled and end-users now progress through messages in a sequential order. With the order of messages within a campaign now being more important than before, you can now drag and drop messages and steps within the Campaign Dashboard, by dragging the 3-bar icon.

Content Enhancements

We’ve added some additional content formatting options:

  • Text content alignment: Left, Center, Right
  • Uploaded image can be re-positioned to:
    • Left Side (image appears to the left of content)
    • Right Side (image appears to the right of content)
    • Above (image appears above content)
    • Top (image appears above content and spans full width of widget)
    • Middle (image appears between heading and body)
  • Links within content now by default open in a new tab / window.
  • If the button call to action type is a link, an additional option appears to open in current window, or open in a new tab / window.


We want your feedback

What are your biggest challenges when using We want to know. Drop us a line at and start chatting with us! We want to help you make a killer onboarding experience and improve your product’s conversion rates!


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